Before you judge me—>

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I know you already know about this… prolly even the whole world already knows but i’m still gonna post about this… I’m a BOSS like that! hehe :p

Well… I saw this lady on twitter! Yeah she’s 55 or somewhat in her 50’s… blessed with four big children and this lady looks soo HOT!! Like im not even exaggerating in any way! this lady be Sexy AF!! I was just like “lawddd” when i say her photo’s! Like you would now just imagine what she looked like when she was younger! 😉 But i was thinking, prolly she wasn’t even as hot as she is now when she was much younger and she’s tryna make up for those boring younger days now that she’s older! But anyway who cares???


And some people were saying that she is just forcing too much! lol.. Looks like she’s scared of getting younger! But anyway, I feel this lady is an inspiration to all those fat girls, ladies and women out there who feel less concerned about how they look! Like really, you would see some teenage girls even …soo fat!! like their tummy is just bouncing everywhere and their arms are doing “woogly baby, woogly baby” when they wave! haha.. thats just wrong! And forgetting even how you look (which is very important) your health is also at risk here! You would just be giving people unnecessary hypertension when they hear a 20yr old lady dies of heart failure!! Like you havent even acheived anything with your life! sigh… Please oo.. biko gan start working out! Even if you are skinny like me 😉 your body may still have some substantial amount of fat so just work out to stay healthy and fit! Abeg!!

See her photos after the cut


Her husband, daughter and son… well two other sons are missing in this pic!





Don’t reserve your comments to yourself! Kindly comment on here! I know 😉 sigh…

Check her on twitter – @IamMsBoTalley




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