Hii.. Well i’m not sure of what you think but i feel looking busy at work is very important especially if you don’t intend on resigning any soon! lol.. Even if you are not busy, just still try to look it … So here are some few tips i got on trying to look busy even though we all know you are not! πŸ˜‰ Enjoy…

1. Type and Scribble Furiously

Whether you are doing actual work, finishing up your shopping list, or chatting with your mates, you should always be typing or scribbling furiously. Because you are a busy person and you need to finish this task as fast as possible to move on to the next . . .


2. Walk Through the Halls Briskly and Often

You should always be walking around the office, quickly and with purpose, whether you are stepping away to get some water, chat with a friend, or going outside to rip a juicy fart. Busy people are always on the move; make sure to leave your workspace looking busy when you leave.

3. Look the Part

A busy person has a busy workspace. If your workspace is tidy and neat, it’s a dead give away that you have time to tidy and neaten it up. Your desk should be covered in files, papers, discarded food and drink, really pile it on. You’re too busy to clean that crap.

4. Master the Sigh of Frustration

You should always be visually and audibly frustrated at work, since you’re, you know, so busy. Make sure others see you release your overwhelming sense of burden with a well-rehearsed frustrated sigh.

5. Read Books On Your Computer

There are several e-reader programs out there, and reading books on your computer is a great way to look busy, even when you’re not. Just make sure to use the mouse and keyboard to make it look like you’re actually doing something.

6. Sticky Notes . . . Lots of Em

LOL… I love sticky notes! Cover your desk, your computer, your chair, your cube, your world in sticky notes. You are busy and you need stickies to remind you of all the important things you need to do.

7. Always Carry Props

If you are away from your desk, whether it’s to get water or chat with your buddies in I.T., always carry work props. Cary files, or a notebook, or your laptop, or some printouts, this way it looks like you’re focused on a work task even though you’re away from your desk.

8. Have Several Work Applications Running At Once

Busy people don’t work on one application at a time, they’ve got everything running. Bonus points for complaining that your computer is too slow to run all of your work applications at the same time.

9. Send Yourself Mail

I usually text myself sometimes when my phone doesn’t beep at all through the whole day..lol.. so yes mail yourself letters and packages at work; if you’re constantly receiving and opening mail, people around you are bound to believe that you are busy and working on something very important. Just don’t get caught doing this, because then they will believe you are crazy/homicidal. πŸ˜€

LOOL… Just look busy! The economy is too bad for you to get sacked so soon! πŸ˜‰

Hope you enjoyed!!

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