Getting into a Relationship seems Tempting.

Helooo there! Somebody, anybody, everybody! sigh… I don’t know everything about relationships so don’t be expecting some 1 million words and the you’ld be like ‘wow! thats so deep’ …Lol.. but really i have been deeper than ever this few weeks! “Sweguuu” .

Well, this our generation is soo funny! haha i think i make to many “LOL” and “HAHA” on my posts but like in reality im actually laughing.. people never get to understand that part of me! Ok I know im amazing stopeeeet! *blushing*… Ok back my main concern here! —–>

A lot of people i have noticed have gotten into relationships not because they actually love their boyfriend/girlfriend but because if your not in one your concidered to be “not cool” or your “mary amaka” …smh I still see these people that think like that have shallow minds!! I know, I know that all these other people who are genuinely in relationships because they are actually in love just make you sad or make you feel less happy when they load your wall/timeline with all their cute and romantic photos! like OH. EMU.GEE..  its just too cute and all you cant deal even but that is still no excuse for getting into a relationship!…You would just be operating on all shades of ignorance!

In this time of our lives oo… getting into a relationship is very tempting but so was getting on the titanic and look what happened there! NO i don’t have to summarize the story for you if you don’t know gan dive into the ocean -__-

It’s because of people like this that other innocent people or should i say girls (cause we are the culprits on this issue) be thinking all guys are the same! I’m just like NO NO NO….ITS YOUR FREAKING BRAIN THAT HAS REFUSED TO DEVELOP! So you gan date some dude just cus maybe he’s fine or he’s rich and he treats you like shit and later you guys breakup then you go off on all social networks you are on and start talking about ‘all guys are the same’ …Like binsh stfu… Nobody sent you message!?! I don’t know what your problem is?! And if your nigerian i would just even be more pissed with you…like didn’t your mother give you enufff of those “boys are evil” talk…. lol… i remember one of my friends was gisting us (err my friends and i) of how her grandma told her mother “once your on your period and a man touches you , you would get pregnant oo” loool… like didnt you get enuff of those talks?? wheres your home training? (i sincerely don’t know how home training relates i just love the line :p ) .. Anyway… I’m sorry…or i actually don’t feel sorry for anybody that this happens to…like don’t come crying to me cus i would just be eating my mexican wrap and smiling in your face (have u tired a mexican wrap before?? OMG you totally should that thing is AWWWW-SOMEEEEE!!!)

You really don’t have to… If you like be looking at me like im one of these “sad+lonely+unhappy+frustrated with my life ” single girls who can’t find love and is hating on you cause you are dating… I don’t care! *moon walks*  I feel sorry for you… the devil is at work on your case! There is really no reason for unnecessary heartbreaks and all.. save your self the stress! Life is far more interesting than that!

Have a good day ahead! Peace..xx

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