People on Instagram take the hashtags too far!!

Hey everyone or anyone who is reading this! -___- … So I don’t actually know what is wrong with my brain but i slept quite late 4am or so n woke up past 8am to get ready for a meeting i had at school.. I had my bath n dressed up oo.. i got downstairs and stood outside for some seconds.. texted my friend to ask if she was there and then oh NO…. she wasn’t! She bailed!!! Like OMG!! I just felt sad for my life…. like why didn’t i think of that! smh i just woke up for nothing!… so now im back in my house cause i bailed too LARK A BAWSSS! haha… so of cos i can’t go straight back to sleep so i’m here on my computer and i see a tweet that reads “People on instagram take the hashtags too far” lol..n it just stuck! BECAUSE A-REALLY! (I sincerely hope someone gets this sarcasm one day, its some thing my friends and i say! πŸ˜€ )

I just remembered some few weeks ago my friend and I just couldnt deal with this girlfriend of hers who hashtags everything in her life! literally this girl always be like ” #WorkFlow #FoodFlow #NapFlow #HealthyFlow #Doyoucauseimmadome” and all those shit! and hers just gets too special cause she always has to add the “flow” hahahhaha… NO!! i couldnt just deal…. and I noticed on instagram too… people be just hashtaging everything anyhow like you would just be praying that keypad on their laptop or whatever should just fall off and disappear! πŸ˜‰

I know sometimes you are bound to get too excited when you just take a photo once and it looks so pretty! Like God is in your favor that early morning! (cus you know we all have to take several shots of the same pose and pick which one is the finest! don’t just try and lie you don’t do that -__-) … so your so excited and you just destroy the picture with hashtags everywhere…up and down… its accepted—–> when its done once in a while…. Not every blessed day your hashtaging! Like i’m not hating or anything of such sort but it just even gets worse when people are sick and they still do #Sick #Flu #Cold #MyHeadHurts ….like right here im just busy praying you don’t get well any soon! your already sick and you still have energy to be hashtaging???? = Ko ni da fun e (for non-yoruba speakers it means it shall not be well with you).. Hian… Biko easy on the hashtags!! Haba!

I believe there are other more serious things in your life that you need to drive this “energy from nowhere” towards!!



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