Sunday’s Outfit – 5/19/2013

Happy Sunday Everyone!!! … Hope y’all went to church and had a nice time in God’s presence! Well i woke up this morning with no feelings close to going to church! smh the devil was at work! haha… I like to set my alarm like 3 or 2 hours before the actual time i’m supposed to wake up so when it goes off..i will wake up n be happy i still have more time to sleep and set a new time again! lol.. I know its strange but i just can’t get off from my bed when the alarm rings…its a process!! I keep waking up gradually every hour it rings till i finally jump off from the bed when its the actual time to get going! haha 😀

Anyway, i was tired and all from yesterday as i didn’t sleep early so i decided to dwell on the “less is more” principle today! 🙂 I had it colorful but with less jewelry! And i was in the love mood this morning so hence i filled my dressing with considerable number of hearts! Hope y’all like it! 😉


That is the full outfit right there! 😀 I love this dress!!! ❤ its so simple but the colors just do everything possible!!


Me close up! 😀 well the make up wasn’t too much and wasn’t too simple either!

Red Lips, Gold and Green Eyeshadow, Fushia Pink Blush!



The green scarf was to add some flair to my already AMAZINGGGGGG up bun! 😀


My flats! haha No their not polka dots…their polka hearts!! haha..and i had a love charm anklet too and a tiny heart for a earring! I guess thats enough for my love spirit for today! 🙂

Enjoy the week ahead everyone! Peace..xx


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