Ayeee….. It’s Opzz’s birthday today!!! Well its already 5/23/2013 on this side of my world thank you! 😀

ayee..i don’t even know where to start..or no i actually do! hehe 🙂 I never used to like oprah ..like ok not that i hated her or something (eish hate is such a huge word) we were not just frends!! Till senior class i guess… all the other times mayb just asking for notes and all those nonsense..sigh.. well she started famzing me cause im a boss like that..LOL 😀 and i don’t even know but it was like magic! Or i guess she was famzing me and calling me best friend till we actually became bestest of friends! I LOVE this girl to bits!! She’s my G, my guy, my boyfriend(no i like boys 😀 ) ,mosquito, cake, pillow, sugar..everything you can think of!

Opzz (i know that sounds like an expression but its actually her nickname..thats what we could come up with..haha) is a very annoying person! And ohh when i say annoying you may never ever get but she is ANNOYING!!! Till today even….She annoys me all the way from Lagos Nigeria to Cebu, Philippines! Im so annoyed about that even! She talks alot..too much.. well wer alike in that area.. 😉 and she’s RAZZ..Laawddd haff mercy! Oprah is a razzatopincho! I’m still training her to be like me!

I remember in high school this geh would be deceiving ppeople everywhere..carrying 100 novels around andbusy advertising that their interesting cus of cus she has read each one of them… dese people would start reading novel with her but what happens is that she gets a good grade in class and the other?? err i dun no about that! sigh… anyway i wsnt ever deceived! Bottom line is she is a brilliant girl! Very brilliant even!! and ohh Oprah i remember all those days with miss Nkiru (Lord plese send her her husband just now if she’s not yet married) …LOOOL.. those days were epic! I cant forget how we used to sneak into the hostel to sleep all through afternoon prep and just wake up when its dinner time..haha.. now i remember the day we over slept till dinner had ended and it was rice n chicken day! haha we died mehn #GirlsAreNotSmiling.. well thanks to Ochi baby!! she had our rice n chicken packed!! eish i cud just imagine what wudda happened if we hadnt chopd that rice that day..lol  I remember the day we woke up to change the wall clock in the hostel to i think 3hours late and we made her wake us up late to school…haha.. we had enough sleep! and the several nights we frustrated her life with noise and when she comes out of her room the hostel would be as quiet as a grave yard! haha.. i cant deal! And all thos midnight calls we used to do in school! lol..epic! You remember! 😉 and ohh the best part—> how we always bought rice andmeat from that iya ghana..haha…n even the times we had suya and garri..ohh those were the best! I miss those days mehn! sigh.. we had fun! Oprah your just such a caring heart..i remember the times i was sick and you would just be jumping up and down for me … how i rubbed you off your hoodie several times! aww :$ Now i remember your actually a good geh oo…lol.. im proud of you baby and honored to be your friend! You halped me through my times of confusion (tho i never was really confused) and helped me copy notes and wash my clothes even… (after i must have begged n rolled on the floor and even fainted) ..haha.. mehn i miss u mosquito!! :* Now uni has seperated us…or NOT!! ..lol..so we graduated!!


Oprah smh i vividly remember telling you to look at my camera first before we both take on ur both NO! Ogbeni wouldnt answer me!

Well Oprah has been my friend, sister, cousin, everything…a pain in the ass most of all… She keeps my spirituality in check too…and i keep hers..lol..why do i love myself this much..sigh! She always checks up on me and reminds me to check up on her..lol.. cus i dont or whatever…Don’t look at me as the bad person here..i’ve changed her life too! haha… Your such a sweet heart and i love you even tho my ego shall never allow me to be too much of a loveydovey with you… 😀

Oprah but you never know how to take pictures right..smh i always taught you but ya ass refused to learn anything! sigh and she’s not so much of a makeup person or all those normal things every girl would like! She just loves wristwatches… i dont even understand! And she would forever be rolling up her sleeves!!… Just look at this geh below


I don’t know who she is tryna tell to use their brains but its clear who is not usin theirs! haha


We thank God that she looks good here evn tho im not sure what angle she is standing at!


I just dont know…sigh be looking like dopemu! :p


When you came to visit me when i came for xmas and frustrated my life till i escorted you home! sigh…winchi







  1. I literally dont know what to say but i do know you have made my day with this post. I love you to pieces bebay. Thank you and smh loool

  2. seriously, your style of writing has blown my mind completely. it’s free and superbly YOU and all-in-all, you are having such a dooper time (having loads of fun). i’ve been up all night going over your blog, i admit you are so cool. Oprah’s lucky she got u fest! beautiful write-ups and lest forgetfulness besets my soul, ya 1 vewii talented geh, mehn! You rock jare,luvvy!

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