Here’s the Strongest Couple You’ll Ever Meet!! Sexy or NOT??!

Hey guys, so i stumbled upon this article today and decided to share it with y’all and have your opinion on this!

You won’t find them on the cover of Us Weekly but engaged couple and extreme bodybuilders Don Akim and Rosanna Beckett are the “it” couple of the muscle world.
The couple, who live in Lowestoft, in the English county of Suffolk, have been dating for almost nine years since they met at a nightclub, but they say they have only been seriously body building for four months. In that time, they’ve won a total of three trophies at the Miami Pro World Championships held in April in Hertfordshire, England, beating out more than 200 other contestants. They’re the first couple to win world championship honors at the same bodybuilding event—Akim won two awards for male Muscle Model and male Fitness Model, and Beckett won for Ms. Bikini.
“Although we’ve always been into fitness, we didn’t look like this when we met,” Akim told Yahoo! Shine. “We only started really training when we entered the world champions.” Beckett stumbled across the competition one day when she was looking online for a new “bikini body” diet. Upon seeing the contestants’ toned bodies, she spontaneously entered herself and her fiance.

When the couple aren’t busy with their day jobs (Beckett, 33, is a dancer, and Akim, 43, is a seaman) they’re working out at the gym five to six times per week. During each workout, which lasts 3 hours, they tackle a different body part. Beckett told Yahoo! Shine: “For example, one day, we work on our legs for two hours straight and then spend the last hour doing cardio such as running, rowing, and lots of interval training.”

Facebook/Don Akim and Facebook/Rosanna BeckettAnd all that exercise requires a hefty diet of five or six high-protein, low-carb meals per day. “For breakfast we eat oatmeal with a banana and a scoop of protein powder, or an oat biscuit with peanut butter. A few hours later, we’ll cook a large batch of salmon, steamed vegetables, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. We eat half and save the other portion for a second lunch later. Dinner is similar but we’ll substitute skinless chicken for fish.” Save for a few scoops of Haagen-Dazs ice cream when they’re not training, dessert is off-limits and the two motivate each other to stay on course.

Beckett and Akim also keep their 5-year-old daughter active by making sure she gets enough play time outside and Akim even assigns her spotter duties by having her sit on his back while he does pushups.

Would the couple be content if one of them went soft? “Of course I would still find him attractive if he wasn’t big and strong,” says Beckett. “But those muscles are sexy.”


I don’t in anyway find either of them sexy!!


Sincerely, like what the heck???? Those muscles are just too much! haba… of cause i would like a man with abs and all but that one is just too much! Ogini?? biko abeg oo!! hian! I can’t deal.. and the lady even! NOOOOOOO…I definitely wouldn’t want to be in that shape.. what am i looking for?? smh… Life is not that hectic naa… Lets take it easy! Too much of things are not good! sigh


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