As concerns the news circulating about the Woolwich beheading yesterday, which was inhumanely conducted by Michael Adeboloja, a supposed “Nigerian” born and bred in the United Kingdom.
This was a friends view on the subject, I found to be so true…. Acts of Terrorism Must Be Stopped!!


Nigerians all over the world should SPEAK OUT and CONDEMN the beheading of a citizen yesterday in UK. The beheading was done by a British citizen and NOT A NIGERIAN as speculated, his name does not confirm his nationality.
This lunatic was BORN IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, NEVER BEEN TO NIGERIA, ISSUED A BIRTH CERTIFICATE IN THE UK and HOLDS A BRITISH PASSPORT. Suddenly he is now a Nigerian?……THIS IS NOT A NIGERIAN!!. British born Michael ‘Mujahid’ Adeboloja with an accomplice yesterday beheaded a British Soldier on a street in Woolwich, London. Because he is not Gabriel Agbonlahor playing for Aston Villa and…

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