Hey guys, how are y’all doing??! I’m so sorry i didnt make this post yesterday. I was in a world full of nollywood! Lmaoo… I watched their films all day..after church tho! haha… It just amuses me everytime!! Lol… So here’s sundays outfit for y’all…. I totally TOTALLY loved it! 😀 I hope you do too! 😉


The blue dress i don’t know where its brother got it for me..n i couldnt find the tag! smh.. I really didn’t like the dress when i first got it cus i cudnt understand the shape..but ohh well… I LOVE IT NOW!! :*

Its paired with a belt, Black shoes from Parisian..and gold + silver jewelries!!




My makeup ..Sheer pink and dark blue eyeshadows, bronze gold eyeshadow as well, Baby pink blush and some pink mac lipstick! 🙂


haha 🙂

Hope y’all loved the look!! I def did! 🙂 And my shoes..woo..just got them first day of June! Now tell me why this month aint finna be good?!


But before I go… Here’s a sneak peak at what my friend wore a sunday before! lool.. she didnt send me but…..


What y’all think??? Well excuse her boobs for being all over the picture..Thank you!

Haha..have a nice day people!! Love!!



3 thoughts on “SUNDAY’S OUTFIT – 2/JUNE/2013

  1. @Oprah, I’m a boss.. don’t try me! 😛 haha
    @Tadana, thanks so much! 😀 btw, i love ur blogg! Its so playful n colorful! 😉

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