Hey guys, how are y’all doing?? I have been MIA for a while now and i am definitely gonna go MIA in full after today cus school resumes tomorrow!! 😦 SMH…The so called long holiday is already over…and the most annoying part is even that it’s when everybody in the rest of the world is just closing school that we are resuming! Like wha kinda life is that biko?! Anyway, I enjoyed while y’all were reading so guess this is payback now!! I would still be posting stuffs once in a while and as the inspiration comes but mehnnnnnnnnnnn *drum rolling* this is my last semester for me to complete my BS in Biological Sciences! It’s like the pre-med course you have to take here in the Philippines before moving onto medicine!! Ho! Ho! Ho! So by God’s grace, October…..imma be graduating!!! Ayeee…. can’t wait!!! *wooosh* *wooosh*

Ohh well… so today i totally didn’t take any pictures.. 😦 Not even a single one.. chai!! I was just tired!! So the pictures i would be posting would be of a some sunday’ s back… can’t remember the date exactly but it was a sunday sha! Ohh well… please enjoy and lemme know your view! 😀


So it was basically a pink shirt, Black pants, red belt and purse.. and black heels(had a red detail at the back) 🙂 ohh not forgetting the gold bracelet and earrings n my hat!! 🙂

See more pictures after the cut



You see the red detail on the shoe??


Happy Sunday guys! Have an awesome week ahead!


3 thoughts on “SUNDAY’S OUTFIT – #TB #OOTS

  1. Simple but super gorgeous, looks more like you are going on an evening date. Happy Sunday

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