SUNDAY’S OUTFIT – 6/16/2013

Happy Sunday + Father’s Day y’all… 😀 Hope you all have taken some time to appreciate your dad as i have done!… I wish i was in Nigeria to celebrate it with my dad but all the same i’m glad im here..It saves me money or whatnot cus i don’t have to buy a present or do some serious thing! ELL OHH ELL.. I’m not stingy tho..#justsaying

Well, btw…. you know hashtagging has been introduced to facebook now?? so happy… been hashtagging #hashtagging ever since… anybody gets annoyed I don’t care!! Using my facebook account maximally! haha… Anyway..I wasn’t planning on pulling off this outfit but ohh well.. I did… and it came out as nice! Check me out! 😀

My Outfit : A pink ruffled-neck shirt, Striped high-waisted skirt, A Ghanian print material, Sandals from solemate , Black purse and some Pink accessories! 😀



I was thinking a shirt and a skirt would just be normal… and i def don’t wanna just look the idea of using the Ghanian print came to mind! And I rocked it well *i think*..I made a bow with it at the back…



My Make-up : Pink+Purple eyeshadow for the inner part of my eyes and Metallic blue for the outer corner! Had fun with my eyeshadows today 🙂 and of cus my brownish sorta eyeshadow for the upper part! 🙂 Sheer pink blush… Nude coloured lipstixk for the inner part and red to line the outer part! Came out nice dont yah think?!






Huh?? what y’all think?? Swaggie or not??


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