Hi guys…I’m so sorry this is coming now… school has resumed n my life has been bombarded with quizzes and all already!! *sigh* this Sunday was a very simple yet stylish look…. I never thought these kind of sandals could feet my *massiv*e feet but ohh well…I’m a rocka chic!!! yeah n this Friday was my birthday too….ohh #turntup…yeah I enjooooooooyeddddddd it…haha…twas #lebest !!!From  receiving a bag of cupcakes in class to late pizza dinner with friends….n woke up next morning with a parcel delivered at my mail box!! #whoop cudnt be any better…I may post the birthday pictures later….or not… I’m rushing I’m sosorry..but here’s what I looked like! 🙂 




I didnt take so much pictures but please tell me you like it??! Lol…ok..thats it 😀



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