Lee Thompson’s suicide linked to “practicing Yorùbá”.



A few days ago while routinely checking the news, I came across a report on the death of budding actor , Lee Thompson. The cause of the death was suicide- he had apparently shot himself in the head. I was overcome with sadness at the tragedy, he seemed like an immensely promising young man and suicide is never the answer.While following up on the developments after his death, I came across an E! Online article which said ,  “those close to Young noticed things “really changed” a few years ago when he began practicing Yorùbá, an Africa-based religion which has a saying, “iku ya j’esin”, meaning  “death is preferable to ignominy.” Some have questioned whether this means that suicide is an acceptable way to preserve personal or family honor in the face of public shame”I was immediately enraged and I’ll explain why. I am Yoruba and until then…

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