Hey guys, so I’m just gonna be ranting.. If you don’t have energy for this please don’t even bother to continue reading ..lol.. because i shall be going back and forth on the same story line.. Its what i do when im pissed and trying to get over foolishness!! And biko this is my personal opinion…no foolish comments!

So was it yesterday abi the day before that i read, you know actually a friend of mine messaged me on whatsapp and we were talking early momo when i’m supposed to be preparing for class.. smh.. and she just dropped the bombshell on me! OMW! And i was already done!

I coudn’t believe what the heck she was saying and being a lazy ass at that moment i told her to screengrab the news and send me..but she was lazy too..smh so i had to google myself and lo n behold, my nigguh is really gay!!

AHHHHHHHH……. SHOCKER OF LIFE! This nigguh right here —->

This guy oo—->

And incase you didnt see those two pictures, its this guy —>

I can’t even start to explain my feelings at that very moment, i was sad, pained, distressed, angry, confused,….every foolish emotion at that moment was turned on! Like what the heck! really??? smh.. I just wanted to abuse his life till I was tired.. and trust me i dont get tired so easily!!

ahhhh..of all white guys even! like my close friends know me and white guys..lool.. I would pass for dayyyyyyysss… because really I love me some black man!! So  for me to now even adore you as much as i adored this guy, you must really be something! and now i hear he’s gay… makes it worse even.. like im just so pissed.. Black guys over white guys now any day!!! arhhhh..like im not racist or anyhting..lol.. i don’t even know but abeg.. im not about that life… all these foolish idiots …wasting such rare sexiness.. like who does that even?? o___O Now i wish people could actually donate their sexiness or something of that sort! smh.. i don’t care right now this guy is just such a waste! smh.. waste of everything!! ahh

Now I’m wondering if he wasnt even making advances at “sucre n Lincoln and even T-bag..lmaooo” (some casts in prison break) …smh and how did Sarah Wayne Callies even feel working with a gay guy..smh and having to play being in love with him and shit when deep down he don’t even be feeling you…smh ..thats some sad ish right there!

The news just pissed me so i didnt even bother to go for that my class… don’t ask me why im taking it personal or whatever.. smh.. well at least the lecturer didnt even show up so i was on a good one that day! sigh

Why all the cute guys have to be gay?? and all these gbogbonise guys are the straight ones?? like which kain iranu is this?? *sigh* ..I think i have typed enough.. thats if anyone even read to the end… anyway anyway, Life goes on, Potatoes gan potate!

I sign out now!



  1. Its a free world and you do not have to like their sexual orientation but me think its better to avoid name calling. Better still lets show the love of Jesus to them and hopefully they will respond to that Calvary love.

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