Today’s Outfit!!

Hey Guys, lol I bet y’all thought I went missing or something! Sorry been busy with exams and all and now I’m done for this semester!! Whoop.. this week is gonna be good.. I reserve the good news till I make a post later on in the week! πŸ˜€

You besta had gone to church today! Here’s my outfit for today! Simple and Elegant I would love to think. Let me in on your opinions! πŸ™‚


It’s simply green and blue!! I LOVE IT!!! Plus did I mention those shades?! I used to hate that type of lens..the whole color thing.. but now I can’t help it!! πŸ˜€ Its the frame that actually makes it epic! :p

More pictures after the cut


Light I wasn’t about that life today!! But I never forget my red lipstick! πŸ˜€ Our relationship is quite personal.. And my hair was a mess so yeah the scarf.





I really don’t get how my tummy is protruding ..i mean i don’t even have a well



Hope you liked it??! Please like, comment and share!



5 thoughts on “Today’s Outfit!!

  1. Love the outfit! I love getting dressed for church each week. It is a time when I really try to look my best because I want to give God the best I have. Be blessed today and bless someone else!

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