First Outfit Post for 2014


Happy New Year!!! OMG I know i’ve been so lastma on my blog as at late last year! im serry guyyss…lol (I’m razz..eww)

Ohh well.. We thank God for a chance to start all over again..LOL.. Special thanks to everyone that follows, comments and shares my posts!! I really do love you all 😀

I’m just going to make a quick run on my outfit today as being the first sunday of the year!! Mans were looking idk idk.. and my paparazzi today wouldn’t stop! My sweg won’t let them! haha..ok enough of all this!! See what i wore below the cut.






why do i laugh like a retard?? LMAO








What do you think of the outfit?? Comment below!! :*

Have a lovely week ahead!!

L. A. D. E

7 thoughts on “First Outfit Post for 2014

  1. Ahnahn!! You just gotta tension em Philippine guys yea ? Wow !! You look really good baby !! Out fit e ,o fine gaaan !! I’m lurrrvnnn your look babeeee ! Haha I’m not razz just trying to flow in the “lade blood” LOL Nice combination though, laugh anyhow you want it mehn,aint no retard as intelligent as your pretty self ,hehe don’t blush biko !! Errr what else ? It’ll be nice if you can post a video of how you make some of these little prints and stuff ,babes gotta learn ,and hey b Good Job !! Keep up the good work ok? Go comment on my own posts too durhh haha I’m out *MUAH xx

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