Outfit Post!!!

singing* *I woke up like this* FLAWLESS!


Of cause i didnt wake up with all that makeup on my face ^_^ who am i kidding??! But you know we be going bey on ourselves!! Lol

Happy Sunday guys!!! I know its quite still early at your ends since im in the GMT +8 timezone.. athink! So yeah please go to church oo! Service was beautiful today!! I went to the redeem church here in Cebu and it was fun.. i know i’ve missed all that african or rather nigerian church scene since i go to a Filipino church normally ..the way i was dancing ehnn..lol you wouldn’t understand.. haha.. but yeah we thank God!!

My outfit today waa simple but you know i was being a stunner!! Haha.. yes i get to whyne myself..you should try that sometime too.. so yeah it was a modified buba (african blouse) i wore.. Wanting to do something quite edgy so i shorten one of the hands..came out cute!! :-p Check me outttttt


African Print Blouse – Handmade

Jeans – Narrow

Shoes – Gibi Collection

Bag – Fabrizio Poker




Rain fell all day and spoilt my shine shine bobo paparazzi.. smh so i have more selfies than full pictures.. but you gotta love them selfies!!




My neck piece is so gorgeous!! I just found it randomly at this store and im like i gotta get this..



How was my outfit??? Amazeballs? Or yes? Lol

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Have a great week y’all!!! Mwahhhh



13 thoughts on “Outfit Post!!!

  1. Baby Girl !! Hmmmm TENSION !! When I say you’ve got new clothes each day now you’ll say its not true ! Hmm the blouse be looking cute but it would have been a bit better with some embroidery cos its just plane but nevertheless it looks cute still,the neck piece is GORGEOUS ! Me like *wink ! The lipstick was too much but your Make up is good (: . Are you sure you won’t drop medicine for fashion designing like this ? /:) hehe just do what you gotta do b,make more of stylish scarves and work on skirts too . You’re doing yet a wonderful Job,be happy maine ,I see you !! Nice one ,I’m out !xx

    1. Yaaay! Thanks a lot!! Loved the timbs post you did with thefashionengineer!! I’ve followed you right back!! 😉

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