“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” Romans 8:35



Its the love month people!!!! Are you as excited as i am?? Huh? week!! be excited.. leul!

I do believe that our expression of love should not be excluded to just one month but it should be practised everyday. We are God’s children and God is love. So in as much as He shows us love everyday, we should like wise show love to everyone around us.. EVERYONE! Yes your enemies included! I know thats a hard one and trust me when i say its hard.. lol the way people traet you like you’re a peice of shit and you are still expected to love them? Yes you are!!

Lets all make it a point of duty hence forth to love everyone!!! That is the least we can do uno!! Its a process, it will take time..but you can only improve if you keep working 100 towards it!! God help us all..



I hope you have gone or are planning on going to church today? Well I’m beeccckkk and it was a nice service today!! Yup..

My outfit was plain simple.. no mood for no excess gragra.. leul.. but what dyu think?









Shirt – Tag misplaced.

Jeans – Narrow.

Shoes – Charlotte russe.

Purse – SM

Jewelries – Forever 21

What do you guys think??

Its the love month so why not start by showing me some love? Lool.. Please like, Comment and Share.

Bless you all! Have a great week ahead!!

L. A. D. E



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