Hi guyssss,


how are y’all doing?? The past week was full of exams for me and after that I got an impromptu call to be one of the athletes for my school at the anuual medlympics held in Cebu. Its more like Olympics for medical colleges!!It was fun but tiring!! especially the “we leave at 5am” part!! like waking up 4am and all was the craziest! I looked so confused when i woke who wakes up at that time please? tscheww.. and i slept past 12am so yeah 4 hours of sleep is enough for my brain to rest! -__- tuhh

Anyway, back to the good life.. sometime this week i decided to look like a thug.. i mean a classy thug.. cause you know i aint even close to a thug *winks*. Well my guardman who has been my faithful photographer for like a year now you must think of me as a user but what?? o! He’s my friend like that.. He thought of it more like a cowboy look.. i don’t know how? or why? but yeah.. and he kept laughing! awks!

Ohh well here’s a closer look at what i looked like.. I only tok a few pictures as i was rushing to go study my cadavers for an exam!



I forgot to check where all these things are from and i’m not home as at the time of writing this post so here’s what i remember!

Shirt – My mum gave me

Jeans – Narrow

Oxford shoes – I can’t remember sorry

Bag- Thrift store

Shades – Ray-ban


L. A. D. E

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