When you want to give up on life

LEARNING TO CONTROL YOUR FEELINGSI’m a girl. Which means that one second I can be laughing until I’m crying and the next second I will be crying… literally.

One minute I’m high up in the clouds excited about everything in the world.

The next minute I’m down in the dumps throwing myself a pity party and thinking it’s the end of the world.

I could feel so many different emotions within the same day.

Growing up I only had one wish: that feelings had an off button.

That whenever I chose to I could switch off the button and stop feeling the hurt, discouragement, fear, and pain.

That I’d never have to feel bad things ever again.

But the truth is feelings are a blessing to each one of us, whether good or bad.

Because feelings always come from one source: thoughts.

And it is our feelings that indicate the thoughts that we need…

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2 thoughts on “When you want to give up on life

  1. Its a thought provoking post! I love this! So true! So many of our circumstances are to weed out all of these other things we look to for love security meaning! That’s shows how much we are not looking to God for such these things ..we need a reminder of the powerful God we have! Thank you for this wonderful reminder dear! Much love sent to you my dearie!

    Great post!

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