Why Do People Find It So Unbelievable That I’m Naturally Skinny?

Thought Catalog

Yes, I am a naturally thin woman. I was born this way (cue the Lady Gaga music). I am not “so lucky.” No, I am not on a weight-loss diet. I do not spend every waking moment in the gym. I do not constantly weigh myself or count calories. Yes, I have seen a doctor and, yes, the consensus is that I am a healthy. And no, I DO NOT have an eating disorder.

With pencil-thin supermodels on the runways, being plastered across billboards and magazines, naturally thin people tend to be seen as “the enemy.” I have been told that I give voluptuous women a bad name simply because I portray the “media standard” for what the body is “supposed to look like.” In the same breath, women that defend their curvy body type have told me that I do not have a “natural human form.” In response to…

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