LOL no my afro isn’t exactly orange sorry 😛






Dress – Forever 21 (similar one here)

Jean Vest – Julz

Shoes – Century (similar one here)

Earrings – Forever 21 (similar one here)

Belt- Vintage Store




  Hi Guys!!!!

Guess who is back in thats me 🙂 And i can’t wait to let you in on my plans here in Nigeria!!

I won’t stop complaining tho.. NO LIGHT!!! Its tragic for me cause i’m used to the better life now.. all the struggle to have things done before our darling PHCN takes the light has begun sadly! And the TRAFFIC?? Lord have mercy!!! Its worse.. i really don’t know. Above all it feels good to be back..after almost 2years.. I’m getting old..haha

Anyway, i took out my braids and needed to give my hair some breathing space so i rocked my afro this past sunday!! The struggle to do bantu knots the night before tho..and i didn’t want to moisten or the knots were very loose and all but well, i had a lil curl.. Paired this simple orange summer dress with my studded jean vest and light accessories!! I think i looked fab! What do you think?

PS : In Nigeria over 200 girls were recently abducted from their boarding school by a terrorist group, Boko Haram. The abducted 200= girls are victims of an ongoing conflict within Nigeria that they did not create, and their voices need to be heard yet the government is not doing nearly enough to save them. So please take a moment and sign a petition HERE which calls on our government and all enabled international parties to immediately rescue them. God Bless.

Do have a lovely week loves.

L. A. D. E


  1. i like your afro. i just started to grow out my natural hair. i just hope it will turn out healthy and pretty like yours

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