Introducing The Iro & Leather Buba Special By Lade Couture!!!

It’s here and we are happy to bring it to you!!! Our New Special for that Saturday Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, etc. Here’s looking chic for less. With the undying glamor that comes with Iro and Buba (Wrapper and Blouse), we have added our own twist and it sure looks extraordinaire! It’s made from Chinese Lace, Chiffon and Metallic Leather, super comfortable to the skin and a good option for a throw on for that day when you’re not sure of what to wear but you sure want to look exceptional.

It comes with different prints and colors so make sure to like the Facebook Page so you can be up-to-date on every new print that comes out as there would be limited quantities. Now i’ll leave you to feed your eyes to the guilty pleasures….

                          1408266349984    1408266689385

1408266554656    1408266980844

1408266607218    1408267104670

1408267071440   1408267284742

1408269031178   1408269067793

The wrapper can also be tied the regular way… 😀

1408268807261   1408268885517

1408268784501                1408268745729

1408268664265    1408266836339

We love that it was so comfortable to strike any pose with…

1408267171803             1408267134179        1408269239259      1408267309715

1408268860832         1408267200135

Iro & Leather Buba : Lade Couture

For Orders/ Inquiries Email :

Shoes : Parisian

Model : Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde

Location : Plaza Indepencia, Cebu City, Philippines

And Photograghy by the Amazing Adewale Adebola…

Need a photography job in Philippines, Send your Proposals to

We hope you enjoyed going through this post as much as we enjoyed putting it up!! Have an Amazing week ahead!!

Don’t forget to like our Facebook Page, Follow on Twitter and Instagram – @Ladecouture


L. A. D. E


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