Model Lookbook | Summer Fairies 2


I hope this update meets you well, exam period is not over yet guys so this is going to go as fast as possible. I still have a hundred more pages to study for my histology paper on Wednesday and I don’t know if you understand what “moving exams” are but trust me histo moving is the last you would want to do. Don’t let me bother you with the troubles of medical school And let’s get to today’s post!!

I started this new section some two weeks ago here and this is the continuation of the shoot I had done April, 2014 for a summer portfolio. There weren’t so many behind the scene photos for this shoot so I’m sharing mainly the released photos.  Enjoy

The second & third outfit








The third outfit wasn’t planned for….we were playing around and got this amazing shot!!! 


And this next one was a test shot…. beautiful test shot 😁😝


Photo credits:  Cebu Signature Models
How fast was this? Lol
Great shots or what? Until next time, let me know if you enjoyed this post?!
Thanks for stopping by, your comments mean a lot 😁

                           L. A. D. E


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