Product Review: elf Studio Cream Eyeliner


In the spirit of trying out new things, I went out in search of ….well anything I could pick interest in and I found myself at the beauty section of the Metro Mall in Cebu. Every time I get into beauty stores, I try all sorts of products and finally end up buying lipstick… Lol.. don’t judge me! I’m too much of a lipstick person…. don’t they just look like retractable candy sticks?? Haha
Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try out a gel/cream eyeliner (too much devotion to liquid eyeliner) and wasn’t sure of which product to get so I asked a friend of mine and she mentioned the elf (eyeslipsface) cream eyeliner..Long story short? I bought it.


It comes packaged like this


I loved it.



I used it for my upper and lower lash line.
1. Portable container
2. Comes with an angled brush
3. Not pricy (I got it for 250php.. That’s about #1000)
4. Creates smooth lines that are precise.
5. Smudge proof & water resistant.
6. Achieve thin or bold lines with ease.

Though I’m a master at achieving whatever kind of lines with my liquid eyeliner, I still love the ease at which I can do that with this cream eyeliner plus it comes off easily with eye make-up remover unlike your liquid eyeliner when you make a little wrong drop and you have to start cleaning the whole eye..

I recommend this to everyone especially those who still have a hard time with liquid eyeliners.  Trust me it was a struggle once upon a time.

Have you tried the elf studio cream eyeliner, what are your thoughts? Know of any other cream liner that’s great? Kindly share in the comments below
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3 thoughts on “Product Review: elf Studio Cream Eyeliner

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