Green And Light Pink


Hey there beautiful people!! 👋

Happy Sunday!!!!! Here is to my pick and wear outfit to church. I initially planned on wearing a blue dress but blehh it was looking rather wrong at the instance and i wasn’t about that fitted cloth life so I opted for this instead and I guess it kinda worked?
I bought this leggings months ago but never found an occasion to wear it to. So you know who is launching..lool


Shirt – Camilla Store
Leggings – Bsk.beshka
Sandal – Gibi
Rings – Forever 21 & Sm Store
Wristwatch – Aldo




I loved the zipper on the leggings and the sequin detail on the shirt!!



Yay or nay for the pick and wear??

That ends it for this post….till next time fashionistas!!!
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Your comments mean a lot to me 😀


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