A love that goes a long way

Thank you to all of you Who take time out to check my blog when you can, more so those Who even thought it deem to follow/subscribe… and for the sweets that take time to comment!! I love you all and appreciate you! 😁😘☺

appreciate others, tell people you love them,One of the saddest things in this world is that we wait to tell people how much they mean to us until it’s already too late.

When we are standing at their graveside, not when we are sitting across from them face to face.

What do those words of love mean to them when they can no longer hear?

What purpose does it serve to express your gratitude toward them when they are already in their grave?

I’ve heard so many sayings about “appreciating people while you still have them”but the truth is that even though we all know our time on earth is limited, we still seldom do.

Last week my mom was set to have surgery on her brain on Thursday so on Monday night we gathered our family and our relatives together to pray for God’s protection for her life and that the surgery would go…

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