Wool Wrapped Bantu Knots #latepost


Hi guys!!!

So this post was supposed to happen Sunday but life happened… not really… school happened!

So as you know (or not) I had yarn braids before.. see here. It lasted for 3 weeks or so and I needed a change of hair… but I was not about that life of doing some “long hours taking” hair… too many exams to read for!! So I was thinking of what to do.. then here comes the inspiration 😀


(Permission to steal the picture)
I saw this hairdo on Cassie Daves‘s Instagram and it looked too fine!!!
I wasn’t thinking of doing it because well there goes my big head + big forehead +big eyeballs + everything.. Lol but then I searched for styles to do and found nada… I was packed my hair up to school for a week and you know the whole stress of having to comb your hair every morning when you’re running late for class… that wasn’t working out!
So I was like screw this I’m going in on this hair and well I like to think I look like  “THE” African Queen!!! Lool

I started out in the middle of the night on Saturday (I always have hair energy in the midnight ) ..washed my hair, straightened it and started the wraps!! I Only used one pack of yarn wrap as I sectioned my hair to giant parts..Lol no time.
First half done!


And then final product!


I like that it looks so natural..  a number of people thought it was just my hair till I told them it was yarn.



What do you guys think? African Queen or yes? 😂😂 Will you try it too?

I love to hear from you, your comments mean a lot to me.


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