Where is My Privacy?

Hii there,


Happy New Month! How have y’all been??? I’ve been amis since my last post and i would love to complain about it being all school but I’m sure you must be tired of hearing that. I’ve had my hands on a few projects outside school work and can’t wait to let you in on them. Its funny how sleepy i was during an exam today and now at the moment I’m supposed to be sleeping I’m typing what you are reading. Don’t worry my priorities are still straight …haaha


Before you continue i must warn that if you don’t want to read the same thing over and over again expressed in different emotions you may want to stop reading at this point. I’m also sharing pictures that totally don’t relate to this post cause I’m cool like that. So biko only continue if you think you would appreciate the rantings of a medical student at 1:30am or well, if you love some good photos.


We all worry about an invasion of our privacy, usually thought of as a direct release of confidential information or an indirect insight garnered by concatenating a lot of little separate pieces of information about us (e.g., knowing when to rob our house by noting travel plans or location of tweets) but really It’s become more than that. Social media applications have literally made us slaves -to an extent – to their excuse of networking. Now we are drawn in between giving out “not enough information” and “too much information”.

Walk with me.


Facebook – Facebook as you may or may not know is no stranger to privacy complaints. Yet it continues to test the boundaries of privacy as its privacy policies have been gradually shifting in ways I don’t understand.
Like back in the day when Facebook was the thing, it offered simple control options over one’s  personal information. As Facebook grew larger and became more important, it could have chosen to maintain or improve those controls but NO it’s helped itself in limiting the users’ options to control their own information and actions.
2 months ago or thereabout, I couldn’t access my messages because I didn’t have the messenger app.  Facebook literally made it compulsory to get this app! Like Why? But what if I don’t want to get your app? What if my phone doesn’t have enough storage? What if…..? As a matter of fact I refused to download it and left my messages unread till well, I had to get it. Where is the notion of me being a free man with freedom of choice gone to? I don’t even get to decide what goes on my phone or not? That’s rude..like I was real mad about that one. All I see is Facebook is trying to redefine privacy to suit It’s own needs but Hey what about your users, the main driving force?


Whatsapp – Now Whatsapp needs to get a special advisor because I’m not about that life of them ruining this one too! First the dreaded “last seen” . I for one am not a fan of having everyone in the know of my every move.. even to my “last seen” lol. Yes, It’s actually that deep. You block your last seen and feel like a boss up until you start seeing “blue ticks” . You should have seen me, I was confused….no I was touched… like “screenplay drama – how could you do this to me? After all we’ve been through ” . Where is your user friendliness?
Who suggested this blue tick? Why even blue? Why not indigo? Why a tick? Why Why Why? Must I really know when someone has read my message and vice versa? They didn’t even ask for permission…… how do you go and start ticking my phone (rolls away) sigh I’m tired.


Social networking has created an environment where there is a perceived duty to “expose” yourself. Users are bullied into seeking worth in their number of friends/followers. Privacy to me is still very much needed in order for us to have normal and healthy relationships, rather than all of us turning more and more into basement-dwelling creeps, gawping unthinkingly at the lives of unknowns, while our own personal lives become equally compromised. Don’t get me wrong, I creep too (I bet you do) but not at the expense of loosing myself.

I rest my case.


What are your thoughts? Blue tick or no? What are your limits on what to share and what not to on social media?

PS- The pictures in this post are from a collaboration i had with fashion blogger Nike some weeks back. Be sure to check out her writeup on it here.
Do enjoy the rest of your week. It’s almost weekend!!!!
                     L. A. D. E.

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9 thoughts on “Where is My Privacy?

  1. Very pretty pictures ladies… and as far as social media there is NO privacy. just like you I felt some kind of way about being forced to download the messenger app but hey… it is what it is. My advise if you don’t want it out there don’t post it.. lol. Great read.

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