The End

No I’m not quitting blogging. I’m Sorry I kept thinking of an epic title and as you can see… I gave up! Lol

But guysssssss (or well ladies) can you believe 2014 is really over??? Like where did this year run to though? Never experittt. How do you guys feel?

This year has been a great year for me. I look back and I’m amazed at how far I’ve come in this short “space” of 2014.
In school, everyday life, blogging,.modeling, designing, styling…etc, I’ve come a very long way and I couldn’t be prouder and most entirely grateful to God. He made all of these things happen.

Highs of 2014
1. I debuted my fashion label “Lade Couture ” in Lagos, Nigeria and it was a success!!! Thanks to everyone that came out to support. There is also a recap of the event on Velma’s blog!! Much love hun .




2. I got featured on


I was hype for the whole week uno.. even tho some people’s comments would slap you to sleep but blehh.. haha

3. I got selected as one of the designers to showcase at the Africa On My Sleeve Fashion Show in New Zealand scheduled for next year. I’ve sent in my collection already and I remain gassed.
Check for more details.

4. Won the Miss Swuvivor Contest for College of Medicine at my school and topped it off with Miss Southwestern University 2015.



5. Officialfantasy’s fan base largely increased. When I say largely I don’t mean 1k people followed me (I wish, y’all be stingy with your following…Lol) but you reading this took time out severally to read my posts(views increased to 86 countries) and some of you even dropped a comment or two( Abbie, Nikki, Chydymah, Cassie, Sogiesnuggle, Titi, Sayedero and darling Oprah, bestie of life! Y’all are the real MVP’s!!!  Too much love!
Go check out my best post of the year here if you missed it.😁;)

6. I got a job an amazing opportunity.  Lol apart from being a model Yeah, I am currently the official stylist for new entertainment company here in Cebu. Kwin & Kim Entertainment, A Filipino-Korean based company that nurtures and manages several acts in the entertainment industry in Philippines and Korea. It’s been a honor and I can’t wait for the many projects I’ll get to work on. Creativity has been awoken.

To mention a few. This is not to show off but just to testify to the amazing and indescribable father God has been. I barely planned for any of these (cause I suck at new year resolutions ). I wouldn’t have imagined any of these things uno. That’s What made me realise that really our plans and dreams are nothing compared to What God has in store for us and we just have to be open to His will and let it take it’s course. You will be amazed.



This year has had it’s lows too but I wouldn’t count them as losses as they have taught me lessons and made me stronger (definitely stronger) as a person both mentally and emotionally.
I thought to share a few of them with you as we grow together and get into a new year.
1. Life goes on. People talk about you, You fail an important exam, lose a friend, get broke, grow a forehead, Life always goes on. So cry for a minute or two and then dust it all off and move on. Don’t store up your pain or hurt, just practice and implement better ways to get clear of all that ….there should always be room for happiness.

2. No one is ever *too* busy. That’s right, I said it. No one is ever too busy. Take this quote from a blog post I read recently,

I’m sorry but no one is *that* busy. No one. Yes, people can work 12 hour days and they can have obligations and schedules and the dozens of other things we’re all plagued by in this adult world but it all comes down to how much of a priority you are on someone’s list. I completely believe that if someone is truly interested in another person they will make time, regardless of what else is going on in their life. I know because I’ve done it. I know because I’ve dated other people who have done it. It’s incredible how you can be a “busy person” and yet, still, magically be able to use your phone in a timely manner to make plans and be a decent human being. It really is that simple.

It really all boils down to where you are on their priority list.
You can read the full post here. Worth the read.

3. God is the answer. You really just have to get committed on a personal level with God. It may look like every other person figured themselves out and they are not even godly people but but, I know God and I’ve witnessed his hand’s all too amazing and it gets you that inner peace in the midst of external conflicts. Try Him.

4. Do not date the way we date now. Lol are you confused?  I bet you are. All those string of emojis are a flimsy to what romance is.
“We tell people we’re in a relationship on Facebook. We throw our pictures up on Instagram. We become a “we.” We make it seem shiny and perfect because what we choose to share is the highlight reel. We don’t share the 3am fights, the reddened eyes, the tear-stained bedsheets. We don’t write status updates about how their love for us shines a light on where we don’t love ourselves. We don’t tweet 140 characters of sadness when we’re having the kinds of conversations that can make or break the future of our love. This is not what we share. Shiny picture. Happy couple. Love is perfect.”
Please take time out to read the full blog post here…it’s one of the best posts I’ve read this year. Hits the nail on the head and you are welcome.

What lessons has the year 2014 taught you? Please share in the comment box below.

Before I end I of cause have to give a recap of my 2014 outfits. I lost a whole lot of photo files when my phone was stolen around may in Nigeria so most of my outfits are from June till date. Sucks I know but enjoy. My style is definitely evolving and I’m discovering new parts to it. I grouped them into emotions so…yea
Tribal Queen (I wore too many African print outfits this year and I enjoyed the whole cycle)


Indecisiveness (I didn’t plan any of these outfits like days before, I just kept on trying at the moment until something clicked and I stepped out the door )


Hood (it’s not even Hood, I was just in that unexplained zone at the moment and baam..oh and comfy shoes  )


Lady lady lady (I tried to be girly several times and it worked out for me quite alright)


So What do you all (all 86 countries Lol) think?
Compliments of the season and Happy New Year in Advance Everyone!!! (We in Asia will get into 2015 before y’all 😂 we boss like that)

I drop my pen down for the night (2:35am atm) and for the year I duff my hat. It’s been an adventurous journey and now it’s come to an end. As I lay my head to sleep I pray the Lord our soul to keep and guide us through the remaining hours of the year.
See you in 2015!!!( No really I need to meet up some of you amazing people when I come to Nigeria ahh )
It’s been Real!!! *dozes off*

                           L. A. D. E


15 thoughts on “The End

  1. Toluwade!!! To say you had an eventful year is to put it mildly. Your year was! And now the year is almost over and another about to roll in ; do not forget your awesome spirit in 2015! It helped you thrive in 2014, it will do much more for u in 2015! You have a very beautiful heart, it draws people to you
    It reflects in your writing and even though we haven’t met, 1 can almost accurately describe you. Above all, you are Godly and that majorly stands you out. Never derail from who you are ; even if you go through a few detours, we both know His grace is ever sufficient for us. Keep your heart and mind pure, revel and excel in all He has blessed you with and never ever forget that we Nigerian “ur people” are very proud of you and I love you honey! 2015, your best year ever, where all your dreams come into fruition in greater measures is almost here! Keep being the best, darling! *zillions of kisses!

    1. Oh my Lucia!!! I didn’t forget all your love this year tho.. you haave been amazing and i’m grateful to have connected with you this year! We should definitely meet up in 2015…can’t wait!!! God bless your kind heart and Happy New Year in Advance darling!!!! xx

  2. Hun you had a great year. I’m so jealous of it right now, your own line, Becoming a queen,the job….every thing I’m so proud of you. You were definitely one of my highlights this year. You had to see the way I screamed when I found out you won.
    Cheers to a better 2015

  3. Wow! You truly had a remarkable year.

    So many great accomplishments and lessons learned!

    I am sure that 2015 has some AMAZING things in store for you. Are you ready?!

      1. You are very welcome.

        I’m curious, with all that you accomplished and learned in 2014, what are you most looking forward to in this new year?

        Have you set the bar even higher?

      2. Looking forward to pushing my boundaries,achieving set goals …yup setting the bar higher it is!!

      3. NICE! I am sure that you will be more than able to accomplish each of the goals you’ve set.

        Remain focused and trust God each step of the way.

    1. You do? *dances around* Thank you!! Happy New Year to you too!! Thanks for subscribing and you do have an amazing blog!!

  4. Woah!!! God has been really good nd awesome.. Like am soo super jealous of you right now…….. I want to be like you oo, but keep striving forward and be prayerful and God wont disappoint you… Much love…

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