(Yes you are my family, i should find a special name though. Any Suggestions?) Since 12:01am 1/1/2015, I have been so excited about the new year…ahh hope it’s not just me?! New Year brings an opportunity to start afresh and what better could i ask for than a clean slate? Not that I have been bad in the previous year but you know, this is all new energy and vibe and one can’t but love it! Talk about vibe, I already started with a new (popping color) hairstyle which i would be showing you on my next post. Everybody says it suits so well and brought my face out (i pity my edges tho)

Resolutions? I’m not keen on that but I do have certain goals penned down for the year and believe me or not I have started planning and working towards them. Its all too exciting (you know the excitement you get from buying new shoes on 50% off yeah?) What are your plans??. Blog wise, I’ve planned to put more effort concerning everything officialfantasy, most especially on quality photos and regularity!! Did you say yaaay? You my friend deserve a good dose of original content for your spare time this year! 🙂 In the light of more effort, did you notice the new design pon the blog???? (if you didn’t please stop reading now and exit…lool jk.) Go to the home page, check it out and kindly let me know what you think!!! Hopefully by the end of Jan all the upgrades are up and running!!

I don’t plan on saying much, I’m still enjoying my new year, eating + sleeping and i bet you are too! So until next time, It’s Happy New Year once again and Prayers that 2015 will be a year of Blessings for us all!!

Photo credit – Jofax San Gabriel Photography for Cebu Signature Models.


                                                                                L. A. D. E


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