Model Lookbook | Pool Shark


Hello there,
How’s the start of reality going for y’all? I mean holidays are long over, I resumed yesterday and I have Bimonthly exams next week so Yeah….talk about reality!

In between all the tension I thought to take time out to share these pictures with you. Let’s say it was a new years gift..Lol cause I got the official copies on 31st Afternoon(been a while I had the shoot). My agency was updating the profiles of all models so Yeah it got busy. That day I had a good number of outfits shot and I’ll bring it to your plate one post at a time so be ready!! I have shared a few on my instagram so go follow me so you don’t miss out all my selzyy pixxs plix 😂😁😁


Coincidence or not? at the same of the shoot was when I started learning to play pool/snooker/billiard, whichever you choose to call it! I sucked I must say but I’m improving gradually at each play! Soon to be a pool shark!!!(my friends already say I look like a pro when I position myself but when I shoot? Lol pro ) Haha  and do you see how the coat matches the pool table? Ooshey stylist
Let me know your thoughts on the pictures. This would work as a very neat look for work or What do you think?
PS – I think I have several faces (you know when you look like a different person in different photographs..Lol do you recognize me? ) 







MUA- Edith Onwuka
Photo credits – Jofax San Gabriel Photography

Do enjoy the rest of your week.
                      L. A. D. E


10 thoughts on “Model Lookbook | Pool Shark

  1. Yass you do look different, the outfit is so cool. Love the coat, it’s so cool and work appropriate

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