That wasn’t a catchy title to steal your attention, I’m really hungry. Been up since 4am studying for my major exams. Fast forward to finishing exams and start doing scheduled duties + running errands. My legs hurt, my mind is tired, can I not make use of my brains for one second and let it rest? In conclusion,  “o ti re body” (my body is tired )

So I sit down writing this post, trying to be faithful to my promise of being up-to-date with the blog and because you are my fam now. I’m really hungry but I’m not going to cook. What is that even? Cook whataboutthat . Naahh

Of course I know how to cook. Damn I be on that jonz since ’00 ….Yes I have groceries at home, my kitchen cupboards be trying to breathe. ohh my cooker is working just fine but no I’m not going to cook. I’m going to seat here, order some good meal while I indulge myself with other things such as this. It’s been a long exam week and finally it’s Friday, turn up!!

Now that I live alone and I’m trying to be “mature,” why is it so hard for me to come home from the days work and prepare a home-cooked meal?

I’m thinking about it and I’ve come to a conclusion of Why I can’t get my head straight and learn how to be an adult. Follow me

1. Cooking takes up too much time.
The other day I decided to be cute and cook myself some dinner.


Went to the grocery store and got What I needed. By the time i left the grocery store, came home and cooked dinner, three hours passed by. Come 10 pm, it was time for ice cream and bed.

2. The “buying lunch/dinner ends up the same cost as buying groceries” excuse
I don’t think i’m alone on this excuse cause i have heard this excuse from all of my friends, and every time I buy lunch or dinner, I feel like I could’ve used that money for something useful, like saving up for a vacation somewhere or some new sunshade!
But we all know that buying stuff from the grocery costs less than buying lunch and dinner out each day.

3. I have a social life thank you.
After a long day at school, the last thing you want to do is go home and put an apron on. For some reason, going to the coffee shop to drink and eat while watching the latest episode of the haves and have nots studying sounds much more fun.

4. No patience whatsoever.
Does a minute on the microwave seem like five hours? Imagine the pain i go through when being so hungry while waiting for water to boil or chicken to bake in the oven. I don’t even have an oven guys… Tsk tsk.


By the time i get home from school it’s already 7pm and i just want to cannonball into bed because I never get enough sleep (life of a medical student)

5. Indecisive
The female species, especially. Who knows what I want for dinner? I don’t even know how long it’s going to take me to get out of bed in the morning.


I mean, no doubt we all think about food every second of the day, but we never know what we have the taste for, and when we do, it’s a home-cooked meal made from our parents. Talk about living away from home..real tears fam

6. Cooking for one person is a waste of time?
So I am going to spend an hour cooking a piece of chicken with a side of veggies??


Shut, I don’t even like veggies. Let’s be serious: I know there’s this fad where you cook for the week, been there done that..but eating the same thing for five days (because we eat out on the weekends) is kinda gross? No?

7. Nothing is worse than scrubbing pots and pans
Oh, yeah, after I feel full all I want to do is scrub the burned pots and pans. How did you know that was my ideal night?


By the time i’m done scrubbing, I have no energy to do everything else that I planned on doing, like clean, do laundry and study..

8. I’m barely home and the food goes to waste
This is kind of true, don’t you think? We spend 14hours away from home at school, five(mines 6) days a week, only to come home to rather disgusting fruits and vegetables. Now what? Gotta walk down the street and grab a pizza and juice. It’s always the solution.


9. Every meal tastes the same
This one!!! Irks me uno. You have the same seasonings in your cabinet; therefore, the chicken you cook tastes exactly the same. Every. Single. Time.


There’s something different about the chicken your mum cooks, though. It’s amazing. Every. Single. Time.

10. I’m never in the mood for what i have in the fridge
No, I don’t want that rice and stew I thought I wanted because I thought I wanted to be a chef for a day while at the grocery store. Also, I don’t feel like eating bread as a snack for the fifth day in a row. Eww

How can i fix this problem of not wanting to cook? I guess i have to be willing to do it. Watch YouTube videos to gather momentum or just continue to go out and buy burger and fries as it makes me feel better.
Then, go(travel) home once a week and steal my mums food because my father is Jona and our Nigerian money can very well afford that! That’s my plan until I get married and win a giveaway for once.

Switch to Real Life Matters!!
The same thing happens in our everyday lives. We yearn for success, hungry for power and love but we are not willing to make the sacrifice to get the utmost satisfaction that we crave for. Put in effort? No, we are too busy looking for shortcuts. Life throws you a slice of pizza then you complain the forces are against you, the witches from your mother’s village must be at work.

The truth is, you are in the position to get out of life (and your kitchen) whatever it Is that you want. It’ll come with burned pans and pots, you may not get your biggest pay check at the first..matter of fact it will take time, Rome was not built in a day so PATIENCE . Stop settling for the mediocre that society pushes to you, you don’t have to succumb to doing What’s the “new cool”. Be social but stand out. No you don’t get the same result as when you go through the shortcut, That’s just the tip of the iceberg if ever it qualifies to even be a tip. Be Original and do you!!! It’s only you that can do it best anyway. Stop settling for that small sized fries and go get the family bucket meal. HUNGRY? FEED YOURSELF!!

And now I settled on the fruits in my fridge and they filled me up..So I exit this write up filled up. Did you?
Kindly let me know your thoughts!!
Much love Fam

                    T. O. L. U


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