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“Because, reader, you are a mortal, you will find your self at different seasons in your life. At one point, you’ll stand on the podiums bathing in the success of good seasons, and at others you’ll bang your head in bewilderment of a bad choice, a bad call, or just the winds of life… silent in the empty darkness of losing.” – Kirk Franklin


We’ve all had high and equally low moments but the key in living through both of these moments is to continue to BELIEVE AND WORK IN YOUR SLAY.
You must be wondering why you are to stay working when you already won? Everything in life has seasons, so while you’re basking in the glory of your success, other people are working on theirs and you know there’s nothing more painful than your shine taken off you and you undoubtedly know that you are to blame. And in the face of loose, stay believing. Every closed door is an indicator of a greater door so don’t relent because in no time….. you know what will happen.
And then in all these believing and working, stay humble to acknowledge the giver of your SLAY!!  Ain’t nobody slay like my Jesus ayee!!  Best believe that.

Now I leave you to take in some of my SLAY?  Yes?



Who knows where this famous /infamous pose is from? Lool (I wasn’t ready)



Photo Credits – Jofax San Gabriel for CSM

This was my birthday dress last Year. I wore a animal print sandals with it then(see below)


so I styled it differently this time(these photos were also taken last Year). I think these orange sandals were my fav sandals for last year,  so now I’ve laid it aside to breathe..Lol. minimal jewelry and popping lips…ohh the flower on my hair? Idk
What do you guys think?😁😁;)

PS – I got an official blog photographer!!!!!!!! Finally, I can’t Wait to do proper style posts for y’all now! It’s all too exciting with his badass camera (I promised you quality). Watch this space..haha

Ohh and I remember I talked about having a new hairstyle on trying new things some posts back? I never got to show you guys :|. See my hair below


This is my first time doing braids in that size and color!! I’m the chief of big box braids so doing this was a whole new thing. So many people have been talkmbou “finally”😂😂😂 . It’s that deep oo,  me I don’t like stress and I know how to maintain my big braids for long so….
Anyway, this color accentuates my skin appaz and I always seem to glow (well That’s What people have said). Plus it’s lighter in weight so I think I’m in the “small braids club” now!! Any small braids club member here?? * waves *
I’ve had it from January till now and baby still fresh ayee… *inserts today’s selfies *


Don’t abuse my cloth so fast, its a scrub :|. Is my hair beaurifuu or yes??

OK I’m done ranting. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week. It’s ” falantine ” week ooo…. who gon val me? Comment, email, tweet, dm me…all means allowed this weekend haha

Thanks for taking time to read this blog post.
                          T. O. L. U


  1. Hot legs…mehn u can pose though can’t even pull some of them off. and yesssssss to your photography,dope!!
    Ur hair is lovely too and I love the sandals especially

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