Life Happened | Update


Hey guyss,
It’s been What now? A month plus… OMG I miss this space! How have your fabulous selves been? I miss you guys and your posts like forreal!
No I didn’t quit (what is that), life just happened! School got really crazy; final exams for the school Year and I just had to take a break from everything and concentrate because my father didn’t send me 100 oceans away to come and fail and I know you guys don’t want that either ba?  Real life talk ehn? Medical school is not beans. You see people like Cassie doing medical school(but She’s done now and I’m jelss ) and blogging consistently? They the real MVP’s! And the doctors themselves? I have greater respect for them now…because the struggle is too real!

But all that is done and over with (In Jesus Name, Amen) so I’m back and trying to get my blogging mojo back! To all you lovelies that noticed my absence and messaged me, I Love you guys ehn!! Like you actually noticed my absence…. chai nwanem you is bae! 

So you know I’m the creative director of Lade Couture!(if you don’t now you do ;)) A couple of people & I collaborated and have been working for MONTHS on a new collection and may I tell you it’s the freaking BOMB!  I can’t wait to officially announce/release it. So keep steady on my grind! Follow us on Twitter/IG – @Ladecouture and also like our Facebook Page so you would be the first to know once it’s out! Trust me you don’t want to miss it! Ohh here’s a teaserrr



I’ll take my rest now. Expect a new blog post soon and Have a great week ahead. Mwahh
                       L. A. D. E


12 thoughts on “Life Happened | Update

  1. Thank God you are back dear, no he didn’t oh and he’s not plucking the money so take your time.
    Running to IG now

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