Lazy Day


Hey guyss,

Happy New Month. I know I’m lastma but yeah!  It’s already May…How fast can this year go?? Anyway next month is my month so yasss…#TeamCancer 

I mentioned in my last post that I was coming to Nigeria and did i say I’m here!?! Got back about a week ago and I’ve been enjoying dealt with by PHCN bruhh… they ain’t even loyal. To now top it up, there’s now fuel scarcity. It is well..Andddd, internet is such a struggle Haba

I didn’t plan to post this outfit cause it was just a random day. I took the photos for the gram! Lol but heyy I haven’t found someone to take me outfit photos here in Lagos so welp.(epp me plix ) I begged my brother to take these.


It’s a really simple outfit. Sleeveless suit (It’s a top made like a one piece bathing suit, can’t remember what the style is called but yeah you catch my drift), my super comfortable harem pants and Parisian Sandals. And I’m ready to go.




What do you guys think?;);)
Plus any ideas of fun places to go in Lagos??? Thanks in advance. 😘

Thanks to everyone that came out at mentedemoda 2weeks ago!!!  Was great seeing you all, especially blogger friends ;);  Cassie, Dero, Desola.
I forgot to take selfies but here’s a picture from TheFashionEngineer.


And one I got from Complete Fashion of myself


Hope you have a beautiful week ahead..
                       L. A. D. E

14 thoughts on “Lazy Day

    1. 😭😭😭Asin this fuel problem is not even it!!!! Smh but yes we’ld make plans and rough it up!!🚶🚶

  1. Welcome to Naija and the struggle. I recommend getting a tripod, Lord knows it has saved me a lot of asking and there is that independence that comes with it. I love your denim skirt in the last picture and please try a different location next time.

    Princess Audu

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