Heyyy guyss!  Guess who’s a one year older today? Of cause it’s me ;);)
Can anybody guess my age? Lol


I planned on being a bum all day just because too much wahala with myself atm but then I realised the gift of life is a blessing that far outweighs all problems!! So cheers to a new year filled with blessings and greater achievements!! I don’t know how to behave on my birthday.. Lol. Turn up it shall be.


Does anyone also love the frills at the end of my dress??

Thanks to everyone that called, texted, dm-ed and all…I totally appreciate the love!!! Bless up
(btw I’m still accepting gifts till the end of the month so…)


                             L. A. D. E


18 thoughts on “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!

  1. Happy Birthday!! Here’s to lots of love and laughter. Blessings on blessings.

    I’m going to guess :D; you are 22. Would not be surprised if you’re younger.

    Many more blissful years, Lade.

  2. OK, so obviously everyone guessed wrong… I’ll try… i know my lade is still very young….19? And I hope you had a great time on your birthday dear…..

  3. Happy very belated birthday dear, I’m so sorry. Wishing you all the best.
    The dress is really pretty and flirty and your braids are so cute and neat.
    I’m going with 23

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