Life Update

Hey guyss,

Its July already can you believe that?? Happy New Month and I hope this month brings blessings for us all.
So since I’ll be out of the blogging scene for a while I thought it would be proper to update rather than disappear into thin air. Yeah sad news.

So I school at Southwestern University College of Medicine, Cebu Philippines and at the moment the school is having legal issues. (Problems of schools owned by a family) In short form, the owners of College of Medicine(family members) are having a feud with each other hence they separated into two schools and each fighting for the ownership of the medical licence issued to the school ages before I was born.

The half I happened to stay with which everybody knows is the rightful owner of the licence are done lost the case (Lol it’s still in court but yeah they done for the main time….corruption is everywhere bruhh)
So I’m pretty occupied trying to
•Transfer to a different school (as advised by the commission of Higher Education plus immigration won’t do our visas if i stay in my school and nobody trying to be illegal)
• in a different state (cause all d Med schools in my state have resumed for the new school year long time)
•find a new house and move all my things to the new state, which is not quite easy considering I’m also moving furniture…uno literally the whole house.
•Getting all my documents from my now former school (because they are wanting to be slow with things)
•reading in the midst of this mess (because u can’t just transfer to another school without them checking if your grades are really yours)

I’ve pretty much spent my time since I got back in June travelling from one city to another applying in different schools, wasting money in hotel, looking like a skrep, photocopying my whole existence and the likes.
I’ve finally settled in on a school and hope it all works out. Somebody pray for me.

So yeah, hopefully when I’m fully settled in I would be able to bounce back to the blogging life!! But I’ll keep checking up on your blogs so keep the amazing posts coming plixx!!

What a way to enter the new month! There has to be a blessing in disguise, I’ve just not seen it yet.
                           L. A. D. E


14 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Ttk…wow. Don’t worry, it’s going to be fine. Lyk u said, there’s going to be a blessing in disguise. I’ll pray for you. Its really sad but its ok. Gonna miss u 4 dis brief period of tym. Please do and come back. You’re really an interesting person and your blog too. God bless u.

  2. Wow that’s deep, so the half that loses don’t have what happens to the students there?
    Girl, I wish you all the best. Take your time

  3. Hiya babe, sorry beautiful hope it all works out for u
    im sure u a very strong woman just remain positive no matter what life brings
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

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