Hey Guysss,

OMG it’s been monthss wutt. I’ve  missed this space too much and all of you guys (sigh)
Thank you to everyone who checked on me during my absent period. I finally moved and I’m settled.
This post is a little long but please read to the end 😄

From my last post, I told you guys I had to change schools and all. So yeah, I moved to Manila City in Manila State, which is the capital and transferred to a new school(which is x2 the price of my former school but God dey). Its the real city life here uno, more like Lagos hustle. The traffic is worst! Like I spend almost 2hrs going back home from school (journey that’s supposed to be 20mins drive) all because city and it’s over populated and I have to leave an hour earlier in the morning just to get to school on time (no more sleep).

Ayee my new house is pretty also (no pictures sorry, Lol) & there’s a swimming pool in my condo (i didn’t have that in my former house so I’m gassed bout that one, though I’ve still not used it since I moved because school work). The school is more hectic (I sleep at most 5hrs/day because sleep is luxury when studying medicine, tsk).

But More Importantly
Not only did i move, Official Fantasy has been moved. Lol wait I’m not quitting blogging (can’t ) I’ve just upgraded (that sounded funny in my head) . You guys know I keep talking about rebranding and blabla… so, while I was away I was working on that (I can’t just leave you guys and not come back with something) and my baby is finally here!!!
It was a hard decision knowing that I’ll be starting from scratch again, loosing followers (but you guys will follow me na plix) and more. But a lady gotta do what she gotta do. So please come on this journey with meeeehhh

I moved to Toyin’ With Fashion .
You know because my last name is Toyin and I’m Toying with fashion (see what I did there) haha.  This is going to be amazing. I’ve been working on this for months now and I’m happy with the outcome. I will be giving a weekly dose on Fashion, Lifestyle and/or Health (being a medical student, it would only be right to be share health tips as I learn them, I mean let’s be healthy together yes?) every other week so please subscribeeeeee… lol

Its been a journey on here and I can’t wait to continue with you on http://www.toyinwithfashion.com
Much love,


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