Product Review: elf Studio Cream Eyeliner


In the spirit of trying out new things, I went out in search of ….well anything I could pick interest in and I found myself at the beauty section of the Metro Mall in Cebu. Every time I get into beauty stores, I try all sorts of products and finally end up buying lipstick… Lol.. don’t judge me! I’m too much of a lipstick person…. don’t they just look like retractable candy sticks?? Haha
Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try out a gel/cream eyeliner (too much devotion to liquid eyeliner) and wasn’t sure of which product to get so I asked a friend of mine and she mentioned the elf (eyeslipsface) cream eyeliner..Long story short? I bought it.


It comes packaged like this


I loved it.



I used it for my upper and lower lash line.
1. Portable container
2. Comes with an angled brush
3. Not pricy (I got it for 250php.. That’s about #1000)
4. Creates smooth lines that are precise.
5. Smudge proof & water resistant.
6. Achieve thin or bold lines with ease.

Though I’m a master at achieving whatever kind of lines with my liquid eyeliner, I still love the ease at which I can do that with this cream eyeliner plus it comes off easily with eye make-up remover unlike your liquid eyeliner when you make a little wrong drop and you have to start cleaning the whole eye..

I recommend this to everyone especially those who still have a hard time with liquid eyeliners.  Trust me it was a struggle once upon a time.

Have you tried the elf studio cream eyeliner, what are your thoughts? Know of any other cream liner that’s great? Kindly share in the comments below
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Introducing The Iro & Leather Buba Special By Lade Couture!!!

It’s here and we are happy to bring it to you!!! Our New Special for that Saturday Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, etc. Here’s looking chic for less. With the undying glamor that comes with Iro and Buba (Wrapper and Blouse), we have added our own twist and it sure looks extraordinaire! It’s made from Chinese Lace, Chiffon and Metallic Leather, super comfortable to the skin and a good option for a throw on for that day when you’re not sure of what to wear but you sure want to look exceptional.

It comes with different prints and colors so make sure to like the Facebook Page so you can be up-to-date on every new print that comes out as there would be limited quantities. Now i’ll leave you to feed your eyes to the guilty pleasures….

                          1408266349984    1408266689385

1408266554656    1408266980844

1408266607218    1408267104670

1408267071440   1408267284742

1408269031178   1408269067793

The wrapper can also be tied the regular way… 😀

1408268807261   1408268885517

1408268784501                1408268745729

1408268664265    1408266836339

We love that it was so comfortable to strike any pose with…

1408267171803             1408267134179        1408269239259      1408267309715

1408268860832         1408267200135

Iro & Leather Buba : Lade Couture

For Orders/ Inquiries Email :

Shoes : Parisian

Model : Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde

Location : Plaza Indepencia, Cebu City, Philippines

And Photograghy by the Amazing Adewale Adebola…

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LOVE & BEAUTY by forever 21 Creme’ Lipstick Review



How did y’alls weekend go??? So over the weekend I went on another mission and ended up buying a new lippie 😍😍. It just happens…  Quickly used it of cause and I LOVE it!!!

LOVE & BEAUTY by forever 21- Creme’ Berry


This lipstick is a very cool shade of like brick red pink..Or better still, Berry Lol The lightening didn’t do the color much justice. I had on just loose powder and filled my brows just a little so I could see how Well this lippie would pop up my look and need I say more?! Perfect!!! It gives this natural look and soothes the lips nicely. It costs just $5 which makes it a go for 💃.



Color testing


Just one swipe does the job but you can swipe some more if you love extra pop.

1. Convenient Container
2. Even Application
3. Great Color Selection
4. Long Lasting
5. Moisturizing
6. True To Color

None for now

Best Uses
Everyday..Any event.

Full look on my outfit for the day




Crop Top – deb
Skirt – Forever 21
Sandals – Solemate

My lippie lasted all day even after eating n drinking!! You should try it?! Yes!!
Cheers to a new week!!  Do enjoy your Sunday!

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Hey Lovers!!!

How have you all been?? This post has been long due but now i finally get to put it up.

Anyone that actually knows me knows i LOOOVE lipsticks!! LOL like even if i don’t wear any other makeup i love my lipstick to be right there in your face!! and i love my bold colors too!! 😛 These are not all my favorite lipsticks though.. these are 4 out of a dozen of them as i am not so much of a favorite person! I don’t go to shop for lipsticks ..I’m always going to get something else but i end up buying lipsticks .. But yay lets dive in…





I got this lipstick like 2 weeks ago and since then i must confess i have abused it!! You know that thing of getting something new and then you forget you have other options to choose from..thats the only I totally love it!!

It’s fuchsia pink or more like neon purple.. but the camera makes it look pinkish..or i don’t know! It’s moist, smooth and lasts all day!! No really it does last all day!! It goes for $19.71

In my application below i just used a lip balm prior to using the lipstick and see just how glossy it comes out!! No need for lip gloss well or else you are trying to look like you dipped your mouth in purple oil 😦 I’m definitely going to try out their other products.. too much love.


Here is the lipstick on their website to place your orders and be sure to check their other cosmetic products and clothing brands out 😉

Their Facebook Page



This one OMG!! I got it from a beauty store in Nigeria and Im yet to find it here in Cebu. I LOVE this lippy!! You can’t see nothing because i have digged into the life of this lipstick and I’m very sure if it had legs it would run away from me already.. Its almost done and i NEED..MUST get another one..

Its Fuchsia pink and has a matte finish!! It also makes your lips seen fuller when you use it and it lasts forever. I literally have to scrub it off at the end of the day.. You can;t just wipe it.. But i can’t remember how much i got it for 😦

In my application i used a nude lip liner and lip balm prior. See how amazing it looks?


You can check out their facebook page to see their products






This lipstick is lovely! I love the matte finish for this its just perfect. The shade ‘storm’ is like a dark red and it goes for everytime of the day. I usually use a dark brown lip liner and make sure my lip is moisturized prior to use and it come out just fine 😀

Ever bilena is a Philippine cosmetic company and i have like 10 of their lipsticks in different colors. Its really that good. And its quite affordable as it only goes for $3.5 🙂



Website of Ever Bilena





This lipstcik is also from ever bilena. I love the shade and its glassy look. Its very dark purple almost seeming like brown sometimes and it goes for the same price as the one above.

Dark brown lip liner and lip balm is all the trick to it


lovely yeah??


What do you think? Tried anyone of them? which ones your favorite??



My eye makeup was simple and precise ..

And excuse me while i be vain with myself..


This is jackelin by pantina

I would love to review more lipsticks.. Any suggestions?? I need


Do have a lovely day everyone!!

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I lined my lips with the Ever bilena Expresso and filled with 3 concept Eyes!!