The Intricacies of Texting

Well isn’t this accurate?? 😂

As Told by Chichi

Where’s my reply? You ask time and time again, then that awkward moment hits you and you realize you are not entitled to a reply.



Titi’s story…

Tick tock , every second counts, I want to know, to understand why he deems me unfavorable in his eyes. Why I’m not good enough to get a simple reply. I search myself as an internal debate gains heat. My mind is the voice of reason, but my heart cries out in defeat. I texted him first, yes I did and now I surf through a wave of emotions: excitement, anticipation, concern, regret. I’m steadfast in my ways, I cannot deter from walking between concern and regret. I’m lost and I’m continuously trying to justify answers to the many questions built up in my head.


Maybe he didn’t see it; his phone died,  he probably has a lot on his…

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